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Seattle, Washington

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SeattleThere’s no better way to break into the Seattle radio market as an on-air personality, disc jockey, program director or sportscaster than to extern in a real Seattle broadcasting studio. We’re the school that makes it happen for you.

Why would you spend 10-50 thousand dollars or more to learn radio broadcasting in a college or trade school when we can educate you in a real broadcasting facility for a fraction of that amount, and get you connected to the radio industry in the process? Make the smart choice for your career, and learn directly from the pros on-the-job, not in a classroom. Compare us and see: our radio school alternative is the most cost-efficient program on the market today, and we can get you closer to the industry than any other school can.

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Anchoring a metropolitan area of over 4 million people, Seattle is ranked by Arbitron as the 13th largest radio market in the US, while Nielsen ranks Seattle as the Number 12 television market. These figures don’t take into account Seattle’s proximity to Canada, or the Canadian audiences that receive these signals. Seattle’s radio market in particular is strong and competitive, fueled in part by the city’s influential music scene. While Seattle is home to nearly 50 radio stations, KRWM and KISW compete for the lion’s share of the music listening audience (with adult contemporary and active rock formats, respectively). KIRO-FM is one of the top news/talk stations in town, while its sister AM station, KIRO-AM, is exclusively sports talk.

Seattle is home to several professional sports teams, including the Seattle Seahawks (NFL), Seattle Mariners (MLB), and the Seattle Storm (WNBA). Seattle is also the birthplace of such celebrities as Jimi Hendrix, Adam West, Rainn Wilson, Chris Cornell and Sir Mix-a-Lot, to name only a few.

A media market as large as Seattle offers some great opportunities to connect, learn and grow. Whether your dream is to be a talk show host, radio DJ, station manager, communications engineer or other radio discipline, RADIO CONNECTION can help you make the most of these opportunities where other schools can’t.

What is our secret? Through our innovative mentor-extern approach, we place you in a real broadcasting studio as an extern, working one-on-one with a seasoned broadcasting professional. This means with our program you do not spend a single day in a classroom. Instead, you learn hands-on through the day-to-day workings of the station, following a structured curriculum and making vital industry connections along the way.

Does our program work? Just ask the more than 70 percent of our graduates who have gone on to successful industry jobs. Enroll in our Seattle radio school today, and you could be next.

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Tuition Costs Compared

1 $12,250 - Radio Connection
2 $18,000 - JUNIOR COLLEGE
3 $15,000-$25,000 - TRADE SCHOOL
4 $1,500-$75,000 - ONLINE SCHOOL
5 $50,000-$250,000 - TRADITIONAL SCHOOL

Make no mistake, student debt kills dreams. Our low tuition costs were designed to keep you out of debt.


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