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Are you the next Robert Rodriguez or Kevin Smith or George Romero?

Do you have an amazing idea for the next big sci-fi franchise? Regardless if your idea is a period piece staring talking kangaroos or a dystopian super hero film we want to help you make it. We want to be in the business of YOU.

Our program functions on a simple premise: you learn by doing. We’re going to pair you with a mentor who is doing exactly what you want to be doing. The person will take you on-set, show you how movies are made, and assist you in making your films. By the end of the Film Connection film school you’ll on your way to becoming a successful filmmaker.

To be a successful filmmaker today you need a shockingly short list of things:

  1. You’ll need a great Idea.
  2. You’ll need a pitch, based off of your idea.
  3. You’ll need a screenplay, which will be co-written by a pro screenwriter.
  4. You’ll need a well-rounded understanding of what filmmaking entails.
  5. You’ll need a pitch reel.
  6. And you’ll need business plan.

By the end of our film school you’ll have all of these things.

And on top of that, we’ll fly you out to Los Angeles and set up a pitch meeting with an agent at a real agency like Endeavor or ICM.

We can’t guarantee that you’ll sell your film but we can guarantee that we’ll get you in the room.

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