Look, man. It’s the truth. The world is changing.

The industry that you’re trying to get into is changing. And they don’t care if you have a degree. They care if you know how to do the work you got hired to do.

You’ve been listening to me blab on now for who knows how long. How about you watch a movie.


Everybody likes movies.

See? Wasn’t that better? Don’t you feel like you learned a lot. And all you had to do was just sit back and watch. Wasn’t that relaxing? No reading, no thinking, no worrying. Just watching.

Well, now that you have all the information there’s only one thing to do, right.


It’s really easy. And there are no application fees. It’s simple and painless and will eventually result in you working the dream job that you’ve always wanted.

There’s not time to delay. Do it now, friend!

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