Demo Tape

Creating Your Demo Tape

Your demo tape is a critical part of obtaining broadcasting employment. Here are some “Do’s” and “Don’t” for this important piece:

  • Don’t make it too long.

    Resist the tempatation to include entire shows or complete commercials. The average demo tape for air work shouldn’t be longer than 3 minutes. The PD is looking for the right sound, attitude and potential, which they can usually sense within a few moments. If they feel they’d like to hear more from you, you can always send more audio later.

  • Do, if at all possible, include aircheck snippets from one really good day with as few out-of-chronological-order portions as possible.
  • Don’t worry about putting your best break first — many PDs spin in a minute or so before listening to tapes.
    In addition, keep your resume short and simple: no more than one page. And send out many copies at one time; when you get responses (and hopefully some offers) you’ll be able to compare and choose from more than one.

Dave Green
Production Director
Clear Channel Stations
Orlando, FL

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