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Music Producing

Music Producers

Do you idolize Barry Gordy and Butch Vig? Do you dream of following in the footsteps of the Neptunes? Is it your lifelong ambition to become Todd Rungren Junior?

Are you a musically gifted individual? Do you have the chops to hang with the big boys? And most importantly do you have a passion for music and recording?


You’re just the guy we wanna talk to.

The Recording Connection exists for one purpose: to get you in the room with the decision makers. We’re gonna help you build your knowledge base, hone your craft, and show you the technical side of music production, but, most importantly, we’re going to get you in the room with the people who can hire you as a producer.

From day one in our program, you’ll be paired with a mentor who is doing exactly what you want to do. Do you love Heavy Metal? Are you a Hip Hop fanatic? Are you obsessed with classic rock? We have a mentor who is producing the exact type of music you love who is just as amped about our program as you are.
You’ll work a minimum of two days a week in studio with your mentor. You’ll be meeting people, proving yourself, and learning the tricks of the trade. In the music business it’s all about who you know, and more importantly, who knows you. Being in the studio day in and day out is the perfect way to A) prove that you’re serious and diligent and B) make the connections that can make your career.

The Recording Connection was established for one reason: to help you have the career that you’ve always wanted.

By the time you roll out of our program you’ll music producing badass who knows how to not only talk the talk but also walk the walk. You’ll have the technical knowledge to prove to anyone that you know everything you need to and more. More importantly, you’ll have people within the industry that know you know what you’re talking about. You’ll have gone through trail by fire.

That’s because we know what we’re doing. We know how to get you in the room, we know what you need to learn, and we know exactly help you succeed.

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