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Talk Show Host

Do you like controversy? Do you enjoy stirring the pot? Do you have strong opinions about life, politics, sports, America, religion, music, sex, guns, etc.? If you’re not afraid of controversy, don’t mind stirring the pot or voicing your opinions, you might be the next undiscovered talk show legend.

Did you know that two of the top talk show hosts these days, Rush Limbaugh and Don Imus, never attended a traditional radio broadcast college? At last count, they are both doing very well, financially. If all of this sounds like you, we invite you to dig deeper into the Radio Connection. We work by hooking you up with your personal, working, on-air radio talk show host to guide you through the things you need to know to be able to have your own radio show. The overwhelming majority of our talk show graduates go on to have successful broadcast careers behind the mic as on-air radio talent.

The Radio Connection will also teach you all the behind the scenes activities a talk show host needs to be proficient at as the job is more than just talking on the radio. Talk show hosts must prepare daily for their radio shows. Many talk show hosts spend more time preparing for their show than they do on-air. A good talk show host will write or edit their scripts to read on air. The Radio Connection radio talk show host course covers all that and more. So, you want to talk about it, or you want to start doing it?

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