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Satellite Radio

Satellite radio is still in its infancy and has seen a lot of shaking out in the business. Highly dependent on arrangements with the major automobile companies to market their product in new vehicles, Satellite Radio has struggled. With the exception of Howard Stern, and a few stock market short sellers, nobody has made money in Satellite Radio, YET.

While Satellite Radio continues to struggle for market share and is likely years away it does hold certain intrinsic benefits. Since it is distributed via satellite, possibilities for uncensored global coverage are great. The same applies domestically, as Satellite Radio does not fall under the FCC purview. A fact Mr. Stern greatly enjoys. Future growth of Satellite Radio appears dependent on commuters (automobile sales) and dish wired homes, barring any technological breakthrough or commercial tie-in with the mobile phone industry.

The Radio Connection has been around 25 years, and has tracked the changing landscape in the radio and broadcast industries up close and first hand. Today, our radio school alternative curriculum has evolved to include training in Satellite Radio, especially in those points where the business practices, skills and models differ. As always, you will learn your craft under the care and supervision of an experienced radio broadcast professional on a one-on-one, personal basis. Our graduates get hired because they learn more, and more importantly, what they learn is the right stuff.

Now we’ve mentioned Howard Stern a few times in this page and we did so to make two points. First, Howard Stern is in no way affiliated with the Radio Connection. Second is the story of Marissa Northy, a single mom who was looking to get out of cleaning houses for a living. She took the Radio Connection course for radio producers and landed an entry level job at Entercom where they were quick to recognize Marissa’s work ethic and enthusiasm, and within 6 months had moved her into a part-time paying position: working on the Howard Stern show, which was syndicated through KISW. Since then she has moved on to other, higher paying radio producer jobs. For the full Marissa Northy success story, click here.

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