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Additional Radio Careers

If you’re interested in attending the Radio Connection, but haven’t connected with any of the previously mentioned career paths, we suggest you take a look at these additional career options in radio:

Weather Reporter

A Weather Reporter is responsible for giving weather updates during the daily news reports. Do you have a smooth, cool on-air presence? Well, you could be a perfect Weather Reporter.

Weather reporters can be schooled meteorologists, but it’s not necessary.

Show Producer

A Show Producer is responsible for producing either a sports, talk, or music formatted show. They are the key logistical force propelling the program forward. They will book guests for the show, screen callers, edit interviews and callers, and, if necessary, run the on-air board.

News Director

A News Director runs the news department of their radio station. They assign stories to reporters and identify news issues within the community. They’re like the editor-in-chief of a newspaper. They’re in control. They’re driving the car. They’re the leader that everyone looks too.

Board Operators

Are responsible for operating studio control board, coordinating program material, completing daily log and monitoring equipment in the broadcast studio.

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