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Are you a copywriter who’s burned out working for marketing firms and websites?

Do you love radio?

Have you considered becoming a copywriter for a radio station?

The Radio Connection functions with a simple goal in mind: jumpstart aspiring radio professional’s careers.

The Radio Connection gets you inside a real radio station where you would extern with a real radio industry copywriter. They’d show you the ropes, how the industry works, and help you avoid the pitfalls a novice might now know how to avoid.

The best part about our program is that we help you make contacts. We expose you to situations that you normally would have access to. We put the spotlight on you, we get everyone’s attention, and all you have to do is prove yourself.

The radio industry functions, similar to most entertainment fields, on a person-to-person basis. As in you you’ve gotta know someone to get your foot in the door. Which is exactly why we were formed.

So, the question is: when are you ready to start?

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