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Radio Broadcasting Careers

Howard Stern is your hero.

You think Casey Kasem is a clown-shoe.

You want a career in radio because you think that you have the ability, the talent and the know-how. The only problem is you don’t know where to start.

That’s exactly why the Recording Radio and Film Connection exists.

We pair you with a mentor who is currently working and they show you exactly how the radio industry works. Literally. You’ll be working inside an actual radio station.

The key is that you’ll be making connections. Most radio stations don’t hire outside help. Whenever there’s a job opening they hire from within. The more you work, the more people get to know you, and the more trust you’ll build up. So that when there is an opening you’re not only the first choice, you’re the only logical choice.

It’s just really that simple.

Degrees are useless when it comes to radio. If you wanted to be a biologist or a lawyer, then yes, a degree is going to help you. But in an industry that is built of experience and personal connections it really doesn’t matter if you have a degree.

The Recording Radio and Film Connection was built to get you in the room with the decision makers. You just need to impress everyone, work hard, and succeed.

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