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Have you seen Star Wars 4,000 times? Do you have Dawn of the Dead memorized from front to back? Are you slavishly devoted to the works of Quentin Tarantino?

Do you fantasize about working in the film industry? Do you have a burning desire to direct films? Do you have an amazing idea for the next great western horror film? Or maybe you’ve got the best romantic comedy ever made sitting inside your head.

Well, we want to help you get your BIG IDEA made.

Traditional film schools are a joke.

They take all your money, leave you $100,000 in debt, and what do you have to show for it? A degree that says you know some stuff about film? Wow. Thanks. That’s totally worth it.

What if we told you that you that we could give you everything you need to become a successful director?

To be a successful director in 2013, you will need:

  1. A great idea for a movie
  2. A great pitch for your movie (a pitch that will make Agents and Executives mouth’s water)
  3. A sizzle reel of your movie idea
  4. A solid, hands on, practical education in film directing and producing.
  5. A screenplay for your movie.
  6. A business plan
  7. Real connections in the real film business.
  8. And the chance to pitch your movie to a real Agent or Manager in Hollywood.

These 8 things are what any aspiring Director needs and nothing else. And this is EXACTLY what we give you. We give you all of them. Plus we add three other amazing opportunities:

A 2-hour meeting with a famous Director like David Lynch or Joel Schumacher in Los Angeles, the chance to make 10 short films, and on set experience as both a Director, and a crewmember.

No other film school or program can even come close. No other school sets up a pitch meeting with you with an Agent, a famous film director, writes for your the first screenplay and guarantees you real connections in the real film business.

All of this and we pair you with a mentor who is currently working in the film industry takes you one on one through each step of the curriculum.

And you can do it from your hometown.

Are you hearing us? Are you clear? Are you ready?

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