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Film Careers

You love movies. I love movies. We all love movies. Everybody loves movies.

But you love movies more than most.

You eat, sleep, and breathe film. You love everything from Hammer Horror films to MGM musicals. You’re obsessed with everything from Abbott and Costello to the Step Up films. You love movies. And you desperately want to be involved.

That’s where the Recording Radio and Film Connection comes in. We pair you with a mentor who is a currently working film professional and they teach you in an intimate one-on-one setting.

If you want to become a cinematographer, editor, writer, director, or a writer/director RRF is your golden ticket.

In the film business a degree is useless. The only thing that matters is that you have the skills, that you walk the walk, and that you have connections. Success in the film industry is all about know people in positions of power. It’s all about visibility.

The Recording Radio and Film Connection was structured to offer you the highest visibility and make the highest number of connections for you. You’ll be working on-set, where if you play your cards right, you’ll have opportunities to prove your dedication and worth. You’ll be working in a production company’s offices where, if you’re a hard worker, you’ll make lasting connections. You’ll also be producing your own content. You’ll be shepherd projects from development to production. You’ll be learning on the fly. You’ll be developing problem solving skills, as well as accruing industry experience.

The most difficult aspect of attempting to break into the film business is that you need to have a large pool of people to call upon. You need to have people that act as resources for you.

We pride ourselves on facilitating those needs. We provide you with people and places and experience. All you have to do is show up and work hard and impress everyone.

Connections are everything. Degrees mean nothing. Quentin Tarantino didn’t even graduate from high school. It’s all about who you know and what your skill set is. By the end of our program we can guarantee that you’ll have both the skills and the contacts to succeed.

Careers in Film:

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