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Radio Connection Offers Military DiscountsThe Radio Connection values the sacrifice that the women and men of our armed forces have made. The Recording Connection is currently offering large discounts on our tuition in order to assist former and currently enlisted military personnel. We want everyone to be able to follow their dreams, regardless of if they’re wearing a uniform.

The Radio Connection is an externship program that places individuals interesting in working in the radio field in real radio stations. If you want to be an on air announcer or a DJ or a program director the Radio Connection can help you make this happen.

The Radio Connection pairs you with a mentor who is currently working in a role that you want. For example, if you want to be a program director we’ll pair you with a program director at a radio station located near you. We understand that figuring out the correct place to start when attempting to break into a creative field.

Creative industries are all about connections. Sure, sometimes a radio station will hire someone through an online help wanted site or something but usually it comes from personal referrals. In creative industries it’s really hard to find people who want to work. Everyone thinks that working at a radio station would be really easy. You just sit around and push some buttons. That’s not correct. Working in the radio world is a very fast paced, problem solving oriented industry. That’s why our externship program is so successful. When you’ve learned from a professional your work ethic and standard of work is much higher.

The Radio Connection wants to help former and current enlisted women and men find work in the radio industry. Regardless of what you want to do, we’ll be able to help you make connections, learn your craft, and find employment. If you’re currently in the Air Force but you’ve always wanted to be a Radio Announcer, DJ, or Show Producer, we can help you. The Recording Connection is very proud of the fact that we have affordable tuition but with the added benefit of your potential military discount, it’s almost irresponsible for you not to enroll.

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