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September 24, 2002

Jimi Petulla, President
Career Connection
1135 Terminal Way Suite 209
Reno, NV 89502

Dear Jimi:

That a college graduate with college radio experience like myself can get into the radio industry without being subjected to the frustratingly theory-oriented, not-exclusively-radio-based nature of broadcasting school, is liberating-and Radio Connection was the way I did it. Your program is the only sure-fire guarantee that someone will stand above someone else looking to get into radio. Radio stations don’t want beginners without experience, that’s the official line. Your program IS that experience, because it puts actual radio station call letters under your belt when you are done-something a graduate will not get from school.

Myself, I was the traffic reporter for a whole week for the Clear Channel stations and I wrote 30 client advertisements, before logging about 60 hours to date as a part time/fill-in paid newscaster at WSUS in Franklin, New Jersey. And the future looks even more promising! My energetic mentor at Clear Channel, Maria Lake, made sure I explored, not only different areas of broadcasting, but also hidden potential within myself, I order to utilize the appropriate vocal phrasing, inflection and tempo depending on the station’s need. I am truly grateful to Maria for making my four months in your program action-packed!

Jimi, here’s to people’s lives improving by thinking outside the box!


Jack N. Chekijian

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