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It has been great to work with your students and watch their careers unfold. My last student, Ronny Prescott, landed a gig at KIX Radio. The program director is a friend of mine and he said Ronny had a much better delivery style on his demo tapes than any of the other applicants that applied, including several college graduates that were trying for the job.

I wish I had the option of taking the Radio Connection course when I started my radio career. My folks insisted that I go to college and get my degree. Well, I did and I feel I would be a lot further along had I not got the degree. Had I been in your course, I would have had a lot more experience in the field. For radio, college is a waste of time and money. In fact I’m still paying back student loans. It’s crazy! I would have much rather gone right into a real radio station for training, as you know experience weighs over any kind of schooling in this business. Thank god I got a job because most of my fiends and people I know who went to college for radio are not working in the business. Radio Connection teaches you the real world of broadcasting, and gets your “foot in the door.” I highly recommend your program over any other.


Lee Gordon
Lee Gordon

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