Dear Jim,

I just want to let you know what an enjoyable and enlightening experience it was to work as a Radio Connection instructor/mentor for Vic Conrady.

Vic had a great desire to succeed in the business. He never ceased to amaze me with his wealth of questions. It was interesting for me to hear the perception of a beginning broadcaster.

A little more than half way through the course Vic was successful in securing a part time air position at WAWK in Kendalville. And if that wasn’t success enough, before finishing the course, Vic was offered a part time air position at WQTZ in Decatur which will soon be a class B FM move in the to FT. Wayne market. About the time of completing the course Vic began working full time at WQTZ.

I’m glad to see how well my instruction and Radio Connection worked for Vic and I’m looking forward to working with more new students through Radio Connection.


Doug Silver
Operations Manager WJLT/WLYV

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