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Hey Jim!

We did it again! Last Friday, I got the news that one of my students, Harry Wright, got a call for his first job on the air! It’s a good feeling when someone I’ve worked with hits a home run, so to speak. When I was wrapping up Harry’s course, we sat down and figured out what kind of air-check tape we’d be sending out. We both worked together and came up with a condensed presentation that was hard-hitting, and showcased all of Harry’s talents. Harry left with five cassette copies, knowing he could come back anytime to dub off some more.

Then I got on the phone and called a few acquaintances “in the biz,” and told them to keep an eye out for Harry. He stopped by, dropped his tapes and resumes, and did his share of follow up calls.

It paid off! Something opened up at WHVR in Hanover, PA, and now Harry will be gracing the airwaves. The PD said he loved Harry’s tape. I feel good too, because when any of my students is successful, I’m successful. Good luck to everyone who’s a part of The Radio Connection!


Alexander J. Piela
Alexander J. Piela

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