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Cox Radio, Inc.
Real Classic Rock
Tampa Bay’s 102.5

11300 4th Street N., #318
St. Petersburg, FL 33716
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Attn. Jimi Petulla

Dear Jimi,

Attached are the completed Progress Evaluation Worksheets and Demo Tape for Steve Whitaker.

The demo tape is like no other you’ve heard, I guarantee!! This guy is GOOD.

Steve was immediately offered, and accepted, a part-time air position at WHPT. He was employed here from mid-August 1999 thru October 1999, when he moved out of town for his full-time job. He moved back into town two weeks ago, and has a standing offer to return to WHPT. We want him back; the decision is his.

Great doing business with you! I have a lot of pride in Steve!!


Tim Kelly
Senior Production Manager
Cox Radio, Tampa WHPT/WBBY/WSUN AM & FM

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