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Dear Bob and Jim,

Once again Radio Connection has come through for me. These days when it is so hard to find good quality help, I had to look no further than my own classroom. Melanie Renfro is a student of mine via Radio Connection. Now she is also an employee of mine thanks to Radio Connection.

It’s perfect. I teach her using station equipment, and consequently she learns my station’s procedure’s. When I recently had an opening for some part-time and fill-in help, and after sifting through the applications of under-qualified and overqualified talents, there she was, right under my nose! Melanie, who, thanks to me, knew this station intimately, needed no training time. That had already been taken care of through our weekly sessions. She just stepped right in and is doing a commendable job.

I only hope I can keep her for a while before some other station calls her up to the next level. My hat’s off to Melanie and her determination to be the best at what she does, and my appreciation to Radio Connection for introducing me to her and for providing the guidelines to her basic fundamental education.

Thank again, guys, Send me as many hungry young talents as you want. I don’t mind, really.

Ken Scott
Corporate Program Director
95Q WDZQ / 105 WIZZ

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