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To: Radio Connection
To: Jim Petulla
Fr: Jake Kincaid
Re: Ronald Moore

Hi Jimmy,

Just wanted to drop you a line and give you something that many owners love to pass out in this business. Oh, you already guessed, I’m not talking about a raise! However, a BIG “Attaboy, keep up the good work” is in order.

As those of us in the P.D. chair know, the hardest thing to find and hold on to is quality part-timers. With the help of The Radio Connection and you Jim, I was able to get to know, train and groom a very dedicated and talented individual in Ron Moore. The grass roots, build from a strong foundation curriculum of the Radio Connection enabled me to feel very confident in taking the natural next step and bring Ron on staff as soon as I had an opening. I can say it’s very refreshing to see someone so eager to take the extra steps to do a great job.

Sorry about the raise. Keep the good work: The Radio Connection is heads above the rest.


Jake Kincaid
Jake “The Snake” Kincaid

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