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Jimi Petulla
Radio Connection

Hello from the Big Apple!

Let me begin by saying I was a bit skeptical at first about this program. I have 20+ years as a major market radio talent, voice talent, actor, and I taught at a broadcast facility in New York. I’ve seen some of the problems associated with some schools. But I was intrigued at the Radio Connection possibilites.

The one-on-one of the student to teacher is what drew me in. I know from experience that a classroom setting is not always best. Not every student is at the same level, nor do they have the same commitment, and the time spent with each individual student addressing their particular needs is limited.

I’ve re-kindled my love of teaching with this program! My student, Andy, is getting ALL the benefits of my years of experience. His work is steadily improving AND I’ve never seen a student soak up all the information and direction so quickly! In fact by lesson #3, I already had him working on-air here at Metro Networks in Manhattan as a traffic anchor for Cablevision!

I look forward to watching him move up the broadcast ladder. KNOWING that he will be well prepared because of the training I supplied him with, and the materials from Radio Connection. We make a great team. Send me my next student!

Susan Browning

Metro Networks
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