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Dear Jim,

Chalk up another success story for radio connection! About six months ago you contacted me at KNIX inquiring about my willingness to enter an agreement with you and a prospective student to take your broadcasting course. Not knowing a thing about the program I proceeded cautiously. After reading the course material you sent with the explanation of how I would interact with the student by providing the “hands on” training with prospective student, it was clear that this course could provide the necessary training for a beginner to enter broadcasting.

To make a long story short, I accepted the challenge and am happy to report that Bruce Taylor, my first student, has completed the course and has received his broadcast license in time to begin part-time employment at KXEG-AM in Phoenix as a weekend utility board operator/announcer with a real possibility to expand into sales in the near future. An exciting opportunity for Bruce, and a testament to the “real world” fact that your program can and does deliver.

Thanks for the opportunity. I would encourage anyone wanting a career in broadcasting to consider Radio Connection broadcasting course as their first step. It works!


Al Tessitore
Production Manager

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