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Jimi Petulla
Radio and Career Connection

Dear Jimi,

Today is a good day, just a few weeks after our student finished his Radio Connection course, he called to inform me he has landed a job with KCCQ/KASI in Ames, Iowa. A market that is included in the Des Moines Arbitron TSI.

When we first talked months ago, I will admit I was somewhat skeptical about what success a student may have using your program. After getting to know you, and realizing our philosophies were much alike, it became very apparent that this could be the beginning of a great relationship. The fact that you and I both give a damn is evidence of a commitment to foster the next generation of broadcasters in this era of radio consolidation.

I would personally like to thank you for the opportunity, and look forward to our next endeavor.


Lou Kastler
Production Manager
Capstar Broadcasting Corporation
Central Star Division

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