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Dear Jim,

I would like to thank you for sending Jim Guthrie (now known professionally as “Jim Gee”) our way. Jim is now a valued member of our staff.

Jim benefited from being on sight when an opening was available, and by already being “air-ready” for this station. We have a local university with a mass-com program and their graduates are completely untrainable and have no realistic idea what radio is about. With Radio Connection I got a very eager, hard-working student, who I found impossible to pass up when it came time to hire another person. I know Jim will work or meet anytime or anywhere, and most importantly take any steps necessary to improve.

I couldn’t guaranty this type off result with all radio stations, but I would guaranty that, if your goal is to work in radio, a few months with even the least knowledgeable program director, would lead to a position in the field far more often than a university degree would.

I would also like to say that your interviews with the students prior to taking the course are a shining example of you commitment to radio and these students. What other business would take a chance on turning away business? We appreciate that you only consider the best and the brightest to join our industry.


Wes S. Nessmann
Program Director

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