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Hugh Downs 20/ 20

147 Columbus Avenue
New York, NY 10023

March 17, 1995

Dear Jimi Petulla,
Thank you for your letter and the material on Career Connection. It is an interesting approach to training, and significant that it works when it comes to job placement.

I do indeed remember your grandfather. I went hunting with him once, and he was a good hunter, but was astounded to bag a ring-neck pheasant, which he had heard of but never had seen before.

Apparently they do not abound in Pennsylvania, which is where I believe he told me he was from. When we got to a telephone he called his father to tell him he had shot a ring-neck! I can see his face as clearly as if his photograph were in front of me.

Hard to believe that was all more than 50 years ago.

I wish you continued good luck with Career Connection. If there is particular story focuses on some individual that you think might fit our format, send it along.


Hugh Downs

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