TestimonialsFind out why students, radio stations and others are so impressed by Recording, Radio, Film Connection’s radio program.

ABC News, New York, NY
CHOM, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
CJLS, Yarmouth, NS, Canada
ESPN Radio, Princeton, NJ
Family Radio / WFME, West Orange, NJ
Infinity Broadcasting Network, Englewood, CO
KBPI, Denver, CO
KFMX, Lubbock, TX
KGGO, Des Moines, IA
KIFM, San Diego, CA
KIQO, Atascadero, CA
KISN, Salt Lake City, UT
KITS, San Francisco, CA
KJMZ, Dallas / Fort Worth, TX
KKSF, San Francisco, CA
KNIX / KCW, Tempe, AZ
KPWR, Burbank, CA
KRTH, Los Angeles, CA
KRZR, Fresno, CA
KSDO, San Diego, CA
KSFO / KYA, San Francisco, CA
KTHX / KOH, Reno, NV
KUKQ, Tempe, AZ
KZEL, Eugene, OR
Metro Networks, New York, NY
Radio America Network, Washington, DC
Rehab Counselor, Santa Barbara, CA
Rehab Counselor, Fort Wayne, IN
WAGE, Leesburg, VA
WBCB, Bucks County, PA
WCNB, Connersville, IN
WDAS, Philadelphia, PA
WDIZ, Longwood, FL
WDJB, Fort Wayne, IN
WDZQ / WIZZ, Decature, IL
WFJO, Tampa Bay, FL
WFYV, Jacksonville, FL
WGHT, Pompton Lakes, NJ
WHAJ, Bluefield, WV
WHPT, St. Petersburg, FL
WHTF, York, PA
WHTQ, Orlando, FL
WHWK, Binghampton, NY
WINQ, Winchendon, MA
WIOQ, Bala Cynwyd, PA
WJCH, Joliet, IL
WJLT / WLYV, Fort Wayne, IN
WJOD, Galena, IL
WJRR, Orlando, FL
WLAN, Lancaster, PA
WLRT / WKAN, Kankakee, IL
WLTJ / WRRK, Pittsburgh, PA
WMJC, Long Island, NY
WMMS, Cleveland, OH
WPLY, Philadelphia, PA
WRAL, Raleigh-Durham, NC
WRXK / WXKB, Estero, FL
WSUS, Newton, NJ
WSUS (2), Newton, NJ
WUSA, Tampa, FL
WWDE / WNVZ, Virginia Beach, VA
WWPR, New York, NY
WXXL, Altamonte Springs, FL
WZVU, Long Branch, NJ
Z90, San Diego, CA

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