How the Radio Connection Works – Blake Lampkin

Blake Lampkin, Admissions CounselorThe Radio Connection receives numerous inquiries about how our radio apprenticeship program functions. We’ve decided to take it upon ourselves to assemble a list of commonly asked questions to assist you in your educational decision-making process.

What is the process of enrolling in the Radio Connection like?

After an initial phone interview with one of our admissions counselors, the next step would be to set you up with the tour of the facility and to meet your potential mentor.

What does the initial phone interview consist of?

Our counselor will just need to build a profile for you, make sure you understand everything thoroughly and also figure out the things you want to learn and experience. In addition, they’ll collect a payment preference which does not lock you into anything. It’s just a simple indication, so when and if it comes down to paying tuition, everyone is on the same page. They’ll also take down your address so we can find a suitable location within a reasonable distance of you.

What type of things will I learn in the program?

You’ll be learning things like the history of broadcasting, FCC rules and regulations. You’ll be going through courses like breathing and voice exercises, also speech training. You’ll be learning a lot about copy and commercial writing, news broadcasting, sports announcements, public service announcements. Those are just a few of the things. As well as working side by side with your mentor.

Do you offer financial aid?

As far as financial aid, we are not a title IV school meaning we are not going to waste your time with those classes like I said earlier. Also, you’re learning in that professional environment and so when it comes to the government aid, because we don’t have that classroom, campus or stuff like that, we are not qualified for financial aid or FAFSA, but we do have those tuition assistance options. The first tuition assistance option is the internal financing. The way this works is you’ll do a down payment of $2700 and, anywhere from 11 to 42 months, you would have payments as low as $200 a month depending on the duration of course. The second option is the no-down-payment loan where either you or a co-signer would have to have a credit score of 680 and be currently employed. And, there is also the full pay option. The way this works is that the total cost is $9800 but when you pay it in full you get a discount of $1000. Not only will you be saving that $1000, you’re actually saving an additional 2-3000 on the tail end because you’re not being tagged with those interest fees.

The Radio Connection puts you inside a real radio station, where you’ll be working side-by-side with someone who has decades of industry experience and connections. You’ll be both learning and making valuable contacts that will help you further your career.

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