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Get hands-on experience within a real radio station. - Radio Connection Success Stories

Get hands-on experience within a real radio station.

When I first got to my mentors’ station, my mentor gave me some tests that reviewed the history of radio, as well as the rules, regulations, and guidelines of broadcasting. We also went over the FCC’s importance in broadcasting and the different types of employment opportunities in broadcasting. We also went over a lot about the equipment, the software, and general run down of the way my mentor and his staff runs the station. I have also used the equipment quite a bit and did some voice tracks. I have also joined a team in a podcast show and we are allowed to use one of the stations actual studios. The hands on aspects so far have been phenomenal. My mentor also told me a bit about himself, and his past history in broadcasting. This week coming up we will be moving forward more rapidly and I will begin recording the commercials involved in the next sessions. I am learning so much while externing for my mentor as well. I am there a lot and I love it. Everything is going exactly the way I hoped for and then some. I am definitely learning more through the Radio Connection then I ever would in a regular school. For this, I thank you.



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