Another Door Opens (Pt. III) - Radio Connection Success Stories

Another Door Opens (Pt. III)

“Not only would I be able to nab another star athlete and one of my close friends on the PLNU camps, I raised the bar for this interview. My interviews with Parker and Wiggins were both done via phone conversations that were pre-recorded, edited and posted hours after on my Mixcloud page. The demand on pre-recording, along with doing production work were the last things I wanted to do over the weekend, so I raised the bar for this interview. The interview was LIVE STREAMED on both my personal YouTube channel along with a simulcast stream right here on the website. Live streaming the interview was important to me, not just because of the demand of pre-recording and editing everything, but I chose to live stream it for not just my school staff up at RRF in Los Angeles, but also for both the families and friends of Jess and myself and it was also shown live to show once more show my gratitude and appreciation to Jess and her family for what happened back in Pt. II of the story.”



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